Power Flushing

Fast & Effective Solution

Radiators not heating up properly? Power Flushing could be the solution!

If your radiators are not heating up sufficiently, you would forgiven for assuming there’s a problem with your boiler, however, a build up of debris within your central heating system could be what’s responsible for poor flow to your radiators.

Power Flushing is essentially a deep clean of your central heating system to ‘flush’ out this debris. This may be ‘sludge’, limescale or dirt. The procedure involves pumping a chemical through the boiler, pipes and radiators at high pressure to clear any blockages.

Power Flushing can restore the flow of hot water to your radiator system, helping them to work more efficiently whilst also potentially extending the life of your boiler.

How do I know if my central heating needs flushing?

  • A single radiator is not heating up properly or several radiators are failing to get warm, leaving some rooms hot and others cold

  • Only half of the radiator is warming up (usually top or bottom)

  • Your radiators, or boiler, is making noises such as knocks, gurgles or creaks

  • You find your radiators are requiring constant bleeding or there is black/brown water coming out of the radiator

  • Your boiler needs restarting often or displays irregular behaviour when heating

Radiators not heating up? We can help.

Gas Rated Solutions are the masters of Power Flushing. Whether you’ve one radiator not working or your radiators are not getting hot, even after bleeding, Gas Rated Solutions provide Power Flushing services to help get your radiators working back to full efficiency.

Is Power Flushing always the solution?

Power flushing is not always the best solution if there is a broken part or a problem elsewhere. Our engineers will always carry out a full inspection prior to recommended such a service and of course discuss any potential options with you. Sludge and build up can be caused by corrosion and the degree of such corrosion can vary depending on how old the system is and what metal is used on the pipes, newer copper pipes are less corrosive.

What can I do to avoid Power Flushing?

We always recommend having your boiler serviced at least once a year, particularly before the winter months. We can check the whole central heating system to see if corrosion has occurred. We’ll only offer Power Flushing as a solution after a consultation to establish if this option is the best for you and your central heating system. If you require any further details on this please do not hesitate to contact us for informative, honest advice.

Can I use a Power Flush Machine to do the job myself?

We do not recommend the handling of chemicals whilst trying to clean your central heating system at home. Doing so can cause damage to your whole central heating system if not used correctly and not to mention can pose a serious risk to your health if not dealt with properly. Our highly competent engineers will perform this service safely and dispose of any chemicals that go through the system responsibly. Never use chemicals without the appropriate safety gear – always consult with an expert first.

When else might my system require Power Flushing?

It can be wise to carryout this service If you’re looking to add another radiator to your system – for example if you were building an extension to your home, we would likely advise Power Flushing your existing system. This would allow the whole system to run more efficiently and prevents any existing debris from forcing its way into your newly installed radiator. 

If you have any further questions on this service, please contact us.